Light coloured to nearly white sapwood, light brown to streaked yellow heartwood. Generally straight grained. Greater degree of lighter sapwood in southern grown lumber. Used for furniture, flooring, high-class joinery, tool handles, sports goods and tunery.


A medium/large tree, reaching a height of 75-100 ft., w/a diameter of 2-4 ft. Color is pale yellow streaked with light brown. The grain is bold, straight and moderately open, and is normally coarse-textured and lustrous. Weight varies between 35 & 40lbs pcf / sg .60.


Bending properties variable but usually very good. Good strength, toughness, stiffness & hardness for it’s light weight. Can be worked fairly well with hand or power tools. Pre-drilling sometimes required for nailing. Stains, glues and polishes well. Ash is non-durable and perishable.

Main Uses

Cabinets, furniture, knife & tool handles and gun stocks, sporting goods.