Pale pink-brown heartwood turning to reddish-brown if steamed. Large movement in service and perishable but has vast range of uses including cabinet making, high-class joinery, furniture, chair making, tool handles, turnery and musical instruments.


Primarily reddish-brown in color & slightly coarse with obvious rays and pores. The grain is straight with a fine, even texture. Weight is approx. 46lbs pcf / sg .74.


High crush, medium stiffness & shock resistance. Excellent bending properties. Works easily with hand & power tools. Good nailing and gluing properties. Stains and polishes to a good finish. Dries rapidly w/tendency to warp, split & surface check. Perishable, but permeable.

Main Uses

Cabinetmaking, furniture, solid & laminated flooring, brush handles, wooden cooking impliments & food containers, handrails.