Heartwood varies from rich red to reddish brown and darkens on exposure. Sapwood is creamy white. Has a fine straight grain and smoooth texture. Can contain small gum pockets and brown pith flecks. Uses, furniture and cabinet work, high-class joinery, kitchens and mouldings.


Narrow sapwood is whitish to reddish brown or creamy pink. The heartwood varies in color from reddish brown to deep red. Very sensitive to UV light, and changes to its characteristic reddish-brown, mahogany shade upon exposure. The grain and texture are fine and fairly uniform. Luster is rich and satiny. Weight is around 35lbs pcf / sg .58.


Medium strength. Good bend. Low stiffness. Medium resistance. Works easily with hand and power tools. Nails, glues, and stains well. Polishes to an excellent finish. Moderately durable.

Main Uses

Cabinetmaking, caskets, fine furniture, musical instruments, scientific instruments, sculpture, interior construction, handles and wainscoting.