Creamy, white sapwood with reddish brown tinge. Heartwood varies from light to dark red brown. Close, fine texture, generally straight grained. Main uses are flooring, kitchen cabinets, table tops and interior joinery.


Sapwood is white with a reddish tinge. The heartwood color is uniformly light reddish brown. Texture is fine and even and usually has a straight grain, sometimes curly or wavy. Dries slowly with little degradation. Medium movement. Weight averages about 45lbs pcf / sg .72.


High bend & crush strength. Medium stiff. Excellent for steam bending. Difficult to work. Moderate dulling effect on blades. Wavy or curly grains require a reduced cutting angle. Pre-drilling required for nailing and screwing. Takes stain, glue and polish well. High resistance to abrasion.

Main Uses

Bowling pins, decorative veneer, flooring, handles, windows, casks, drum sticks, fine furniture, cabinets, cutting boards & blocks, turning.