Medium to dark red brown. Used in joinery and flooring.


The heartwood colour is medium to dark red brown with conspicuous white dammar or resin streaks. Grain is interlocked; texture rather coarse. Brittleheart can be present. Weight from 580-770 kg/m3 (36-48 lb/ft3) average 670 kg/m3 (42 lb/ft3); specific gravity .67.


The wood has medium bending and crushing strengths, but the stiffness factor is low and also low resistance to shock loads. Severe buckling occurs in steam bending and distortion during drying. The steam bending classification is poor.

Main Uses

Exterior and interior joinery, shopfitting, boatbuilding and flooring. When treated, for exterior cladding and for use in exposed situations. Otherwise same uses as for light red meranti. Rotary cut for plywood manufacture and sliced for decorative veneers.