Rich dark brown to purplish-black heartwood. Mostly straight grained with coarse texture. Works well. Very durable, mainly used for furniture and cabinetwork, high-class joinery, floors, panelling and gunstock.


Varies from light grayish brown to deep chocolate brown to an almost black purplish brown. The grain is slightly open and usually straight, but may be wavy or irregular. Texture is usually coarse, but uniform. Surface is generally dull, but develops a lustrous patina after many years in use. Weight averages 40lbs pcf / sg .64.


A medium density wood, tough & hard; w/moderate bend & crush. Stiffness is low. Good steam bending properties. Can be worked easily with hand or power tools. Takes nails and screws well. Glues satisfactorily. Good finishing characteristics. Very durable. Heartwood is to biodegradation.

Main Uses

A standard for gunstocks. Used widely in high-quality furniture, cabinetmaking, musical instruments, clocks, boatbuilding, turning and carving.